Q: What’s the origin of the phrase “Boob”?

A: The “B” is the aerial view, the “oo” is the entrance view, the “b” is the facet view.


Q: What do toys and boobs have in frequent?

A: They had been each initially made for teenagers, however dad finally ends up taking part in with them!


Q: What did saggy boob say to the opposite saggy boob?

A: “If we do not get some help right here persons are going to assume had been nuts.”


Q: What sort of bees produce milk?

A: Boobies!


Q: What do you name a girl who provides a 3rd boob?

A: A chestnut.


Q: What did the bra say to the hat?

A: You go on a head whereas I give these two a elevate!


Q: Why did God give girls breasts?

A: So males would take to them!


Q: What did the ghost say to the hornets?

A: BOO bees.


Q: What do you name the house inbetween Pamela Anderson’s breasts?

A: Silicon Valley.


Q: What do you name a nanny with a breast implants?

A: A Fake pair.


Q: Why are redheads flat chested?

A: It makes it simpler to learn their T- shirts


Q: What do you name similar boobs?

A: Identitties.


Q: What do you name a redhead with giant breasts?

A: A mutant.


Q: How are a blonde’s breasts and a pad alike?

A: Neither are recomended for the seaside and each come in numerous absorbency ranges.


Q: What does a 75 12 months previous girl have between her breasts that a 25 12 months previous does not?

A: Her navel.


Q: What’s blue and has 100 nipples?

A: The dumpster on the most cancers clinic.


Q: What did one boob say to the opposite boob?

A: You are my breast pal.


Q: Why was the mermaid sporting sea shells?

A: Her boobs had been too massive for B shells.


Q: Why did God give girls boobs and nipples?

A: To make suckers out of males! What do name the moisture on Dolly Parton’s chest? Mountain DEw


Q: What do you name that patch of hair between an previous ladys tits?

A: Her snatch.


Q: What does Kentucky Fried Rooster and a girl have in frequent?

A: In case you take away the legs and the breast you are left with a smelly greasy field?


Q: Why did the Blonde have sq. boobs?

A: She forgot to take the tissues out of the field.


Q: Whats massive black, inside a girls, and is normally close to their boobs?

A: Tumors


Q: When does a waitress put on a bikini?

A: In a breasteraunt.


Q: What do you name a white woman with out boobs?

A: Justin Bieber


Q: Why was two piece swimsuit invented?

A: To separate the furry from the dairy.


Q: What’s America’s favourite pastime?

A: Tits, Clits and Base Hits.


Q: Why do not nuns put on bras?

A: God helps every little thing.


Q: Why is a push up bra like a bag of chips?

A: You open it and its half empty


Q: What do you name a girl with just one boob?

A: One in a Melon.


Q: When is the final time most chubby males have touched a breast?

A: In a KFC bucket A push up bra is sort of a bag of chips You open it and its half empty


Q: What occurs whenever you push two large boobs collectively?

A: you create an asteroid. ( . )( . ) = ( . )


I used to be as soon as slapped within the face by a woman with twelve nipples. Sounds bizarre, dozen tit?

School Soccer video games are like boobs. Large or small, they’re each nice; Besides once they’re lopsided.


Boy: In case you had no legs, would you put on socks?

Lady: No.

Boy: Then why do you put on a bra when you haven’t any boobs?


Boy asks his new scorching step mom: “What do you feed your child?”

Step mom: “Milk and orange juice.”

Boy: “Which facet is orange juice?”

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