I don’t generally utilize food pickup lines But when I do, They’re additional gooey.

Wanna return to my room and see my one eye cushion?

Roses are red, Grass is greener, When I consider you I touch my weiner.

We ought to get some espresso… Because I’m preferring you a latte.

Reason me, I think you dropped something… MY JAW

I don’t recognize what Quidditch position you play, however you beyond any doubt resemble an attendant.

Is your name Google? ‘Cuz you have all the stuff I’m lookin’ for.

Darling! you look so fine I could drink your shower water.!

You resemble my third spouse. … [REPLY:] what number time have you been hitched? ME: Twice.

Is it accurate to say that you were captured before? It’s gotta be illicit to look that great.

You know, you may be made a request to leave soon. You’re influencing the other ladies to look truly terrible.

Reason me, yet you dropped something back there … [REPLY:] What? … ME:”This discussion, lets lift it up later today around evening time”.

Hi would you say you are hitched? [Yes] Well I didn’t hear you say “Joyfully”.

Hi how are you? … [REPLY:] Fine. ME: Hey, I didn’t ask you what you looked like!

Hello… Didn’t I see your name in the word reference under “Shazaam!”?

Do you have sufficient energy? [Tells you the time] No, its opportunity to record my number?

The Longer you stay, The more zombies show up

In the event that you were boogers, I’d pick you first.

This; What you’re doing here, Is giving me a DE-Rection.

Hello, Are you taking any applications for a kid/sweetheart?

On the off chance that you were a tropical organic product, you’d be a Fine-apple.

Is it accurate to say that you are a stopping ticket? ‘Cause you got FINE composed all finished you.

Is it accurate to say that you are a tangerine? Since I believe you’re a cutie.

You should be a console since you’re recently my sort.

It is safe to say that you are a pit fire? Cuz you’re hot and I need some more.

We should flip a coin. Head’s you are mine, tails I’m yours.

They say that Disney World is the “Most joyful Place on Earth”. Clearly, they’ve never been in your arms.

Your lips look forlorn. Might they want to meet mine?

Do you have a name or Can I call you mine?

How about we play an amusement… Winner dates washout.

Here you go ~ HOT TEA ‘Cause that is the thing that you are A HOTTIE

Did the sun simply turn out or did you simply grin at me?

In the event that I needed to pick between breathing or adoring you, I would state “I cherish you” with my final gasp!

In the event that stars would fall inevitably, I would consider you, the sky would soon be unfilled.

I should hit the dance floor with the demon, since you’re hot as damnation.

On the off chance that you could put a sticker price on magnificence you’d be worth more than Fort Knox.

You know I’d get a kick out of the chance to welcome you over, yet I’m apprehensive you’re so hot you’ll soar my aerating and cooling bill.

You’re so hot, I wager you could light a flame at 10 paces.

How is your fever? *[What fever?] Oh.. You simply look hot to me.

If not for that DAMNED sun, you’d be the most smoking thing at any point made.

Come live in my heart and pay no lease.

Infant, You’re so hot, you influence the equator to resemble the north post.

Stop, drop and roll. Child, You are ablaze.

Somebody should call the police, since you just stole my heart!

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