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1. Love Her means your girl friend:

You should kiss her, hug her, cuddle her, all these little belongings will make her happy & will also keep your connection well again. Every girl wants her partner to be romantic so be a romantic boy

Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

 2. Show Your Love &Look good

There is no doubt that you love her, but how does she know that. Saying I love you is probably not enough. You need to make her believe that you really love her. Many people are very bad at showing their love. Most of the boys are not able to express their feeling in a proper way.

Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

3. Bring Her Gifts &Express yourself

Who do not like gifts, especially the girls, they love receiving gifts. So do not forget to get her a gift whenever you two meet after a long duration. You need to know the choice of your girlfriend and then bring her the surprise gift. She is going to love this.

Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

4. Surprise Her

Girls are very fond of surprises. So go for it. There are numerous ways to surprise her. You can go to her place to meet her, without telling her, you can send some letter or flowers to his office,

Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

5. Take Her To Her Favorite Place

Take your girl to her favorite place, the place where she feels happy. No matter whether you like going to the place or not, just do it for her. For example, if your girl loves shopping, then take her for shopping.

Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

6. Appreciate Her

 Tell her that she is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. But you always need to remember, the appreciation should be within limits, or else it may sound very unrealistic. Appreciation should not be fake.

Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

7. Respect Her charity

Mutual respect is the root of any relationship. If there is love, there ought to be the respect. Especially when we talk about a girl, respect is of permount importance.

Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

8. Get Mixed Up With Her Family

The family is a very important part of life, especially for a girl. So if you want to impress a girl, you can start up with her family. If they are impressed by you, you will automatically impress the girl.

Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

9. Listen To her word what say she.

Girls love talking. So you need to have good ears. It is not only your problems and support for which you have a girl in your life. If you have a girlfriend, you need to listen to her things as well. Whether it be the all time office and colony gossip,

Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

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