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How to propose a guy here i describe :

Make Special Plans

Plan for a romantic dinner &make her feel special . Order her favourite dish and you can propose her either before dinner

Create a Romantic Moment :You can play soft music while driving and make her feel that something special

Take her at a Favourite Spot :You can go to the perk spot  both of you wanted to go and popos her in down.

Buy a Special Gift for Her :give her a simple gift for surprise her .specially lovely gift.

Proposing in a Unique Way :for that she accecpt you looks her eyes .

Make it romantic and memorable :Doing so will definitely melt his heart and he might express his love.

Say it with a love letter : you can give her a letter for love messege

Order some juice and put the ring at the bottom of the glass. He will be amazed to find the some food what she likes to this way you can proposed your favorite guy.    

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