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Sweet & Romantic Pick up Lines

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Sweet & Romantic Pick up Lines

Impress your valentine with these dreamy pick up lines, Some are actually lovable pick up lines to employ on girls for guys. Send feel affection for pick up lines for your girlfriend / boyfriend. begin using these dreamy chat up lines on your guys.

Some Popular impress your love:

Did the sun come out or Did you just smile at me? 

 Wanna date me? Yes = smile. No = backflip 

 Hey Girl, Feel my sweater. Know What it’s made of? Boyfriend Material. 

 If you can’t tell whether you should go out with me then we should call my mom or yours. Mother knows best. 

 I almost fell down right there. I didn’t know that you would shake up my world that hard. 

 I feel like we’re in a movie. Meeting and being with you the main actress, and our beating hearts and everything in between is the music. 

 A sculptor could live forever and spend all of his time sculpting and never make anything that touches how you look. 

 I don’t mean to scare you but I have a feeling that I’m going to fall in love with someone else. Our future child. 

 I can’t tell if it’s your clothes or you that’s sexy. Can you take them off so we can find out once and for all? 

 I don’t get why kings were into polygamy in the past. I wouldn’t need anyone else if I had you. 

 It’s quite rude how you just tripped me like that. You’re going to have to take me to dinner for making me fall for you. 

 I can hold my alcohol but being near you makes me knees and legs weak. 

 I feel like a raindrop since I’m falling for you so quickly and feel like my life is going to end if you don’t catch me. 

 You see all the stars in the sky tonight? That’s about as many times I’ve had you running around in my mind. 

 I think my heart stopped the moment I laid eyes on you. I’m going to need you to give me mouth to mouth. 

 I wish I was the doctor so we could go through every period of time together. 

 I don’t need to go to the beach or stargaze when I have you right by my side. 

 Everyone can see how pretty you are on the outside but can we eat and see if you’re the same on the inside? 

 I will do your bidding and treat you the way you deserve to be treated day and night. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay. 

 I’ve written your name and story in my diary and that’s gone. I’ve taken pictures of your beauty and those are gone. I’ve seen and been with you, and have the memories forever. 

 I’m making a documentary on rare unique and exotic things on earth. Can we set up a lunch this afternoon to talk about you? 

 Do you want to go drink coffee and see if we met our soulmate? 

 I thought I knew what beauty was until my eyes fell upon you. 

 I bet if you had a flower for everyone who told you how good you look, you’d be in a forest garden full of them. 

 I know I’m moving fast but I need to meet the people who made such a magnificent creature like you. 


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