Bikini Jokes

What did the bikini top say to the hat? You go on a head while I give these two a lift!

What did the boob say to the bikini? You’re my breast friend.

Why was the mermaid wearing sea shells? Her boobs were too big for B shells.

How do men exercise at the beach? By sucking in their stomach everytime they see a bikini.

What is the origin of the word “Boob”? The “B” is the aerial view, the “oo” is the front view, the “b” is the side view.

When does a waitress wear a bikini? In a breasteraunt.

Why was two piece swimsuit invented? To separate the hairy from the dairy.

Why did God invent the bikini? So men would talk to them!

This morning, I slipped on a bikini, I guess I fell into a BOOBY TRAP!

If you didn’t want me to stare at your booty, you shouldn’t have worn a thong.

A blonde was walking down the street.

A policeman was walking the opposite way. “Hmmm,” he wondered, “It looks as if that lady’s right breast is hanging out of her bikini top.”

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